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PensionGold Support

Product Support

We are committed to providing our customers with exceptional PensionGold product support every day. Our product support includes software maintenance and operational support.

One of the differentiators with LRS Retirement Solutions is that they're committed to supporting every version of their PensionGold software.

We believe to provide great product support, we must develop and maintain true long-term relationships and consistently provide our customers value through our services and software.  Purchasing pension administration software can be a significant cost for any retirement system … getting value and a return on your investment becomes critical starting day one. Since 1987, our PensionGold Product Support team continues to provide assistance for every version of PensionGold software that we have ever sold. You can count on us to be there with you long after your PensionGold software implementation project is completed.

Our customers don’t talk to “the next available support technician” when they call our Product Support team. Instead, each PensionGold customer is assigned a primary Business Analyst who is knowledgeable about the industry and their specific customers. As one customer noted, “the person I call for help already intimately knows my retirement system and the way we work.” In addition, your primary Business Analyst is backed up by a dedicated team of Business Analysts and Developers, who can help whenever necessary.

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We encourage customers who utilize our PensionGold software and services to contact their primary Business Analyst directly. If a product question or issue arises, we want the opportunity to provide you with immediate help in solving your problem. Assistance with general questions, “how-to” questions, questions related to your software installation, and other exploratory questions are welcome. We believe our customers get value from regular communication with their PensionGold Product Support team and suggest they call whenever it is appropriate.  We also encourage our customers to let our Product Support team visit their site annually to ensure we stay acquainted and aware of our customers’ business processes.

Our Product Support team is unmatched in their experience and knowledge in the defined benefit marketplace. We understand the concerns you have and the issues you face. Dedicated Product Support teams, defined benefit experience and knowledge, pension administration software experience, and the passion to provide great support combine to set our Product Support Team apart from the competition.

To complement our software maintenance and operational support, we also offer optional pension software Business Continuity Planning services. Those who use it receive additional peace of mind knowing that their system is backed up and can be “brought online” in the case of an emergency event at your office that’s preventing you from accessing your production environment.

PensionGold Operational Support and Software Maintenance typically includes:

Help Desk Service
Technology Updates
Managed Services
Software ReleasesNew EnhancementsFramework UpdatesFixes
Updated Documentation
Regulatory Changes
Regular Customer Support Meetings
On-site Visits
Customer Portal Access
Waived Registration Fees for PensionGold Teaming Conference

Customers may also contact the PensionGold Product Support team to request additional changes to their PensionGold software when needed. Each request is handled individually, taking into consideration the complexity of the request and timeframes involved.

To understand how PensionGold pension administration software can be the solution for your retirement system’s needs, contact us for a demonstration.