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Levi, Ray & Shoup, Inc.

PensionGold Implementation

Implementation Services Overview

We provide complete pension software implementation services for our pension administration products. To ensure a successful project, we have developed a proven framework for implementing our products that is based on our experience over many years of successful implementations.

Every retirement system’s plan rules are different, so any pension administration solution you purchase will require professional implementation services to configure the software for your specific requirements. Key success factors such as implementing the solution on time and within budget go without saying.

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In addition, customers need the pension administration solution to meet their specific requirements, improve their business processes, work as expected and have the appropriate training to know how to use the solution. You can count on us to deliver.

Every customer has key subject matter experts whose involvement is critical for the software to be implemented correctly. We realize those experts already have full-time responsibilities. Their knowledge of the current business processes and understanding of the requirements is still critical during the implementation. It is imperative that any implementation schedule take that into consideration, and we do! Although our typical implementation projects span anywhere from one to three years, our pension software Implementation team will provide you with a realistic schedule to achieve your scope while also accommodating your resource availability.

Our dedicated team of highly skilled professionals consisting of Project Managers (PMP Certified), Business Analysts, Developers, Retirement Specialists, Testing Analysts and Data Conversion Specialists are committed to making your software implementation a success.  Our team provides all the services and the know-how necessary to ensure the solution is implemented right, the first time.

Our proven methodology provides the flexibility to implement PensionGold for any size customer, small or large, no matter how extensive or unique their requirements. Like the technology we are implementing, our methodology continues to evolve through our extensive experience with over 100 customers. The methodology, based on the Project Management Book of Knowledge (PMBOK), uses an iterative, agile process providing multiple software deliverables which continuously builds upon the previously delivered functionality.  Our pension implementation services always start with the latest release of PensionGold to ensure you get the most current functionality. The customer’s unique plan rules are configured along with any unique customizations, then fully tested to provide a complete pension administration solution for you and your members.

Several factors make our team successful implementing PensionGold.

  • Dedicated and experienced resources, all based in the United States
  • Proven, flexible, and agile methodology
  • Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) PensionGold product
  • Collaborative tools
  • Open communication with the customer
  • A commitment to deliver

Would you like to know how successful the implementation of PensionGold could be for you? Just ask our customers!