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PensionGold Software

Pension Administration Software

Our PensionGold® software is the most innovative and advanced pension administration solution available today. Designed for today’s emerging web technologies, PensionGold is a browser-based retirement solution with comprehensive features tailored specifically for defined benefit pension plans. This fully integrated pension administration software is built using the knowledge, insight and experience we have acquired over the past three decades.

Configurable. Flexible. Scalable. PensionGold is built upon our proprietary Enterprise Solutions Foundation (ESF) platform. ESF is a multi-tiered, service-oriented architecture (SOA) that not only powers the run-time of PensionGold’s robust feature set, but also provides the design-time configuration tools used to efficiently implement our customer’s unique and changing business requirements.

All of this together with one or more of PensionGold’s extensions – MemberDirect, EmployerDirect, EDMDirect and Workflow – provides a fully-equipped, state-of-the-art retirement solution designed to maximize administrative efficiencies, eliminate unnecessary operating costs, and provide extraordinary service to your members.

Software and Extensions


PensionGold is a comprehensive, line-of-business application used by retirement systems to fully administer their plans and provide service to their membership. Our defined benefit administration software is constructed upon our ESF technical platform allowing it to be easily customized and extended to meet each customer's unique administrative needs.

"Commercial Off-the-Shelf"

PensionGold is a true COTS solution. While each software implementation is unique, they all begin with our standard and fully-functional base software that is proactively maintained by our Product Development team. This means that you not only start with a solution that is proven and reliable, but you also benefit from the continued enhancements made to our base software going forward while in Product Support.


PensionGold includes an extensive list of standard, configurable and customizable features including but not limited to:

  • Membership Tracking
  • Account Maintenance
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Correspondence
  • Counseling Appointments
  • Employer Reporting
  • Service Purchase
  • Benefit Calculations
  • Benefit Payment
  • Seminars
  • Reporting
  • Auditing

Intelligent Presentation

Our software was designed with the end user in mind to work with you and not against you. We refer to this as our "Intelligent Presentation Design." PensionGold presents information in a consistent and intuitive manner, making informed decisions based on who or what you are working with in the software.

PensionGold supports today's most popular web browsers including Internet Explorer®, Edge®, Firefox®, Chrome® and Safari®.


The PensionGold MemberDirect extension delivers mobile-friendly pension software and on demand self-service capabilities to your members and payees via the Internet. The result is increased service by allowing secure access to their personal account information – anytime, anywhere, from any mobile device! Each of our MemberDirect implementations includes personalized branding so that your retirement system member portal fits in with your existing public website and online presence.

Standard access and features include:

  • Secure online enrollment
  • Member account information (summary, demographics, beneficiaries)
  • Self-generated benefit estimates
  • Benefit information (summary, payment history, advices, 1099s)
  • Year-to-date information
  • Correspondence
  • Annual statements
  • Seminar registration
  • Online forms


The PensionGold EmployerDirect extension provides a pension employer portal with self-service capabilities for employer reporting of retirement contributions along with their members' demographic and wage information via the Internet. With EmployerDirect, you can put more responsibility on the employer to report their information accurately and in a timely manner.

EmployerDirect features include:

  • Secure online submission of member reporting files
  • Manual reporting batch entry and submission
  • View reporting and payment schedules
  • View employer account balance and activity
  • Correct reporting exceptions
  • Reporting notifications and alerts
  • Reporting history



Birth certificates, beneficiary forms, retirement applications – the list goes on and on! Documents like these are important to your business processes, but finding the specific one that you are looking for can sometimes be a challenge.

The PensionGold EDMDirect extension is a retirement system imaging solution that takes the headache out of high volume document management by providing a seamless electronic interface to your document repository directly within the PensionGold software. With EDMDirect integrated pension imaging, you're just a click away from accessing a member's documents.

Highlights include:

  • Search and view documents stored in your document management system directly from the PensionGold software
  • Intelligent Document Retrieval (IDR) allowing access to specific types of documents based on tasks being performed in the PensionGold software
  • Automatic exporting and indexing of PensionGold-generated documents to your document management system
  • Automatic initiation or advancement of workflows upon receipt of incoming documents
  • Advanced scan and index capabilities, including barcoding and member lookups

The PensionGold EDMDirect extension supports integration with today's most popular document management systems, including our own PageCenterX® solution.


Is your work being completed in a timely manner? Are your business processes being performed consistently? Do you have bottlenecks preventing you from serving your members efficiently? We can enhance your retirement system workflows.

The PensionGold Workflow extension solves these challenges by providing "start to finish" coordination and visibility of your critical business processes. These pension software workflows are designed to reflect the various steps that make up your unique processes and are executed by users directly within the PensionGold software.

Highlights of our Workflow extension include:

  • Graphical workflow process designer
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use workflow end-user interfaces
  • Event-driven and manual workflow initiation options
  • Workflow prioritization and due dates
  • Push or pull workflow task assignments
  • Workflow task notifications
  • Workflow activity monitoring
  • Workflow delegation
  • Performance and statistical reporting



“(LRS) is dedicated to staying one step ahead of their competitors to assure the superiority of the PensionGold product …”

Debbie Haines, CEBS, Executive Director
Adams County Retirement Plan

“… we appreciate how the software has brought us into the modern era in many different ways.”

James R. Wilbanks, Ph.D., Retirement Administrator
Mendocino County Employees' Retirement Association (MCERA)

“SBCERA would recommend PensionGold without hesitation and appreciates our continued business relationship with them.”

Christie L. Porter, CEBS, PMP, Chief Operating Officer
San Bernardino County Employees’ Retirement Association (SBCERA)

“Choosing PensionGold … was one of the best decisions this organization has done.”

Dalia "Dolly" De La Cruz, CEBS, Benefits Administration Manager
Houston Firefighters’ Relief & Retirement Fund (HFRRF)

“… the utilization of PensionGold products has given us the ability to raise that bar (for member service) to an unprecedented level.”

Sean Ruark, Pension Administration Officer
Oklahoma Police Pension & Retirement System (OPPRS)

“… (PensionGold) helps us to improve the service we provide to our members.”

James R. Wilbanks, Ph.D., Retirement Administrator
Mendocino County Employees' Retirement Association (MCERA)

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