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Data Conversion

LRS Retirement Services Conversion Services diagram


Having the right data is critical for PensionGold software implementation and operation. Therefore, our pension data conversion services cannot be an afterthought. Converting the data accurately and completely takes knowledgeable resources and a proven process. Our dedicated team of data conversion specialists have experience converting data from a variety of legacy systems, both automated and manual.

Our process stages the converted data at the appropriate phases throughout the implementation so customers can validate the data and test the software with their converted data.  During the data conversion, extensive quality control steps are followed to identify potential data issues and anomalies. As data issues are identified, potential solutions are provided along with assistance in data cleansing when necessary. The entire process is focused on ensuring the quality and integrity of the customer’s data going forward.

It takes in-depth experience and knowledgeable resources working directly with customers to identify, analyze, map and convert the data. That is why we, not a third party, have performed these pension data conversion services for every one of our PensionGold software implementations.

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