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PensionGold Teaming Conference

Annual Teaming Conference for PensionGold Customers

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Our Product Support team continues to build long-term relationships with our customers long after “going live” with PensionGold.  This is especially true at our annual PensionGold Teaming Conference. Since 1997, LRS Retirement Solutions has hosted an annual PensionGold Teaming Conference for our customers at our corporate headquarters. The conference is a key tool for collaborating and communicating with our customers while also allowing our customers to share information and experiences with each other.

The PensionGold Teaming Conference provides customers essential information about the direction of our pension administration software products, new and planned features, and general technical developments. A few of the typical agenda items from the Teaming Conference include:

  • Product updates and demonstration sessions facilitated by our Product Development team. These sessions offer customers a chance to see the latest product enhancements and provide product feedback and suggestions that will benefit their organization.
  • Hands-on labs and workshops provide customers with an exclusive opportunity to become familiar with new software features, get in-depth assistance on using existing software features, or reacquaint themselves with software features that can save their organizations time and money.
  • One-on-One sessions scheduled with their primary contacts on the Product Support team to review current activity and share future plans that could have an impact on how they use their PensionGold software.
  • Networking events allow customers to interact with individuals from other retirement systems and our Retirement Solutions team.

To understand how you can join the growing community of retirement systems who get ongoing value from their investment in PensionGold pension administration software, contact us for a demonstration.

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