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Business Continuity Planning

What if your retirement system experiences a power outage, a disaster from a storm or fire, or even a simple network outage on the day payroll is to run?  Depending on the event, an outage can cause downtime for hours, days or even months.  How will you process benefit payroll and continue to pay your retirees?

PG Secure for Disaster Recovery

Regardless of the severity of the problem, from as minor as an unusable check printer to a major natural disaster, PensionGold Secure (PG Secure) ensures that you can continue to run the critical business processes needed by your retirement system.

We offer multiple levels of disaster recovery service allowing our customers to choose the level of business continuity planning they need, from development of a disruptive event plan document and checklist to a fully functional remote site. To ensure you are protected, we collect production data on a daily basis so that up-to-date information is always available when disaster strikes.

When a problem occurs, you might only need to restore data from its last backup, or you could need us to process benefit payroll for you. In the aftermath of a serious disaster, you may be able to find the closest internet connection. Or you may need to send one or two of your staff to our office, where they can create benefit estimates, set up new retirees or beneficiaries, and/or process your employers' reporting. With PG Secure, you can rest assured all the disaster recovery needs for your PensionGold software will be met.

To understand how PensionGold pension administration software can be the solution for your retirement system’s needs, contact us for a demonstration.

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