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Levi, Ray & Shoup, Inc.

PensionGold Software

Pension Administration Software

Our PensionGold® software is the most innovative and advanced pension administration solution available today. Designed for today’s emerging web technologies, PensionGold is a browser-based retirement solution with comprehensive features tailored specifically for defined benefit pension plans. This fully integrated pension administration software is built using the knowledge, insight and experience we have acquired over the past three decades.

Configurable. Flexible. Scalable. PensionGold is built upon our proprietary Enterprise Solutions Foundation (ESF) platform. ESF is a multi-tiered, service-oriented architecture (SOA) that not only powers the run-time of PensionGold’s robust feature set, but also provides the design-time configuration tools used to efficiently implement our customer’s unique and changing business requirements.

All of this together with one or more of PensionGold’s extensions – MemberDirect, EmployerDirect, EDMDirect and Workflow – provides a fully-equipped, state-of-the-art retirement solution designed to maximize administrative efficiencies, eliminate unnecessary operating costs, and provide extraordinary service to your members.

Software and Extensions