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LRS and New Hampshire Retirement System (NHRS) Partnership Continues


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The relationship between the New Hampshire Retirement System (NHRS) and LRS dates back nearly twenty years, when NHRS selected PensionGold® Version 2 as their new administration solution. Over the years and through changes at both organizations, NHRS received great value with PensionGold Version 2 and consistently exceptional services from the LRS® Retirement Solutions team. 

There were a few factors leading to the decision to move to PensionGold Version 3. Primarily it was the desire to leverage new technology and consolidate several ancillary databases that were in use. Ultimately the long-term vision of NHRS was the implementation of a robust solution that provided the tools to manage critical processes central to their mission of providing secure retirement benefits and superior service.

As part of their evaluation, NHRS issued a Request for Information and received responses from several firms that provide pension administration software. While other firms offered web-based solutions with suitable functionality, NHRS decided to stay with LRS because of our quality products, excellent staff, and the strong relationship we maintained over the years.

As Executive Director George Lagos commented, "NHRS decided to move ahead with PensionGold Version 3 because LRS is committed to our industry and has a proven track record of providing excellent software solutions for good value. Based on our experience with them over the last 18 years, we have a high degree of confidence in our partnership and look forward to working with LRS for many more years."

The NHRS membership includes about 48,000 active plan members and around 37,000 retirees and beneficiaries. The NHRS members are full-time state, county, and political sub-division employees as well as teachers, police officers, and firefighters from across the State. In all, there are approximately 475 employers that participate in NHRS.  

As a company working with public sector retirement systems for over 30 years, LRS has remained committed to supporting all versions of our pension administration software and continues to encourage customers to maximize the value of their current versions.  

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