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PensionGold and PageCenterX Agreements Finalized with The General Retirement System for Employees of Jefferson County, Alabama


Jefferson County, Alabama - photo

LRS® Retirement Solutions recently signed contracts with The General Retirement System (GRS) for Employees of Jefferson County, Alabama, to implement PensionGold®Version 3 software and LRS' PageCenterX® EDMS solution. The project started in February 2017.

LRS Retirement Solutions first submitted a response as a subcontractor with a vendor proposing on Jefferson County's ERP project. Subsequently the County's ERP project and the GRS pension administration project were conducted separately and the County conducted a competitive bid process. LRS Retirement Solutions submitted a proposal in July of 2015 and, after meeting with GRS to discuss and confirm the project requirements, a final proposal was submitted in November of 2016. That proposal was accepted and contract negotiations began.

GRS has approximately 4,500 active and retired plan members. They have been using a combination of internally developed mainframe applications, spreadsheets, and manual processes for their pension administration. GRS is anticipating great improvements by moving to the PensionGold Version 3 solution. The project includes the PensionGold Version 3 software with MemberDirect (member self-service portal) and EDMDirect (imaging integration) extensions. The EDM solution is comprised of LRS' PageCenterX product along with Kofax for the scan and indexing tool. The implementation is expected to take just over 12 months before moving into parallel and final cut over.

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